waiter-serving-women-drinksCooks Virgilio Martinez and Leon Pia, the Central restaurant in Lima, rose again yesterday to the stage to collect the award for best restaurant in Latin America in the gala The World 50 Best Restaurants held in Mexico.

So predictable in recent days began to sound the names of other restaurants as possible candidates to head the Latin American list. From Mayo, also in Lima, which has been in second place, to Borago (Santiago de Chile) has been fourth.

But finally predicted came true and Virgilio Martinez himself recognized that “although not, believe me, I’m surprised, I thought it was time to Maido. But I’m happy; I believe that we’re doing a good job and representing either Peru and Latin America.

This has been an excellent year for Central, and that’s something that intervenes from the computer, producers, and customers, who will be celebrating “.

Martinez said that Tantalize Miami “an increasingly united single territory. We are power. And we have much to tell. ” If anyone doubted that his country continues to weigh heavily on Latin American cuisine it is not what invites despite the fact that it occupies the number two Mayo, also of Lima.

The Richness in the Kitchen

Mitsuharu Tsumura, the chef, told La Vanguardia that their success “is also a recognition of the richness of the kitchen Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian fusion), which I elaborate, and is triumphing worldwide. In Peru, we have much to do, but the desire is; We have raw materials, creativity and are highly motivated and willing to take on the world “.

In the third place on the list stands this year the Brazilian Dom, the renowned chef Alex Atala, one of the most notable absences of Roberto Cantoral yesterday in the Auditorium of Mexico City. Atala also attended the latest edition of The World 50 Best Restaurants in the world ranking presented.

He was not in one of the two occasions Acurio, whose restaurant is situated in the seventh. Acurio appreciated the recognition in a video in which he praised the young chefs who took over from colleagues of his generation to spread the flavors of their land “more convinced than we did, “ and encouraged them to celebrate the time of kitchen and look to the future “without competition, without tension, as part of the vast dream of Latin American cuisine”.

waiter-serving-food-in-restaurantLatin America ‘s pride also expressed two chefs who yesterday received individual awards, Claude Troisgros, awarded for his entire career, who explained that despite its French origin to (belongs to one of the great lines of the kitchen of his country, makes about forty years he fell in love with a Brazilian and a state that welcomed him from the start. And Kamilla Seidler voted the best cook, who said: “I am Danish, and I can see how in Copenhagen and in many places the looks are in Latin America.”

Mexico, which has hosted for the second year the party submitting the list, is widely represented in the ranking of 2016 and two restaurants Mexico City, Pujol and pigweed (where yesterday they ate many of the chefs, including Virgilio Martinez) they have remained in the fifth and sixth positions respectively.

Two restaurants stood out for having the highest rise in the list: 99, Santiago de Chile and Don Julio, Buenos Aires (both up 24 positions and came to occupy positions 22 and 21 respectively).

Rounding out the top ten, and after the seventh Peruvian Astrid y Gastón, Brazilian Mani Teague (Buenos Aires) and the Basque-Mexican cuisine Biko are located in. Mexico City. For the first time, they enter the ranking a restaurant of Paraguay (Tierra Colorada) and Panama (Mayo).

Colombia will be the new host country of the Latin American gala, which hosted the last two editions Mexico and previously held in Lima.

Violence Continues

At least five people have died from the attack of several armed men Friday night at a restaurant in the center of the capital Bamako, as confirmed by the country ‘s Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius.

Would, according to police, two Malians, one  French and one  Belgian, plus a fifth victim who sources said Gabriel Toure Hospital would also be French, but nationality has not been established immediately. Also, eight people were injured, all of Mali, according to police.

The authorities have managed to arrest two suspects. According to the local newspaper Le Combat, citing local witnesses, the attackers would be a man and a woman with heavy weapons and grenades, aided by a third assailant who stood guard at the entrance. Of the two Malian dead, one is a policeman.

The attack took place shortly after midnight local time at the restaurant-nightclub La Terraza, located in the district of L’hypodrome of the capital, frequented by Western expatriates. According to the same newspaper, witnesses said they saw the attackers escape in two vehicles, a black Mercedes and a BMW.

French citizens have died in the premises, while in the street near the bar the body of a police Mali and the guardian of a private house on the ground was found. A little further the body of a Belgian national was found was also visible. The few eyewitnesses to the event refused to testify for fear of reprisals.

“I condemn this heinous and cowardly act that caused the death of several people,” valued Fabius said in a statement Saturday. According to the minister, this attack strengthens France’s determination “to fight terrorism in all its forms.”

Mali is the scene of ethnic rivalries and an Islamist insurgency and tries to restore stability and peace since a coup in 2012. Jihadists linked to al Qaeda have controlled much of the territory for more than nine months until the military intervention French in the region.

France currently has more than 3,000 soldiers in West Africa as part of the counterinsurgency force against al Qaeda. French troops have seized power in the north after rebels and militia rest linked to al Qaeda, although currently, the insurgency continues to perpetrate attacks.

The EU calls not take for granted the stability in Mali

  • I’s presidency of the European Union (EU) has expressed condolences Saturday to the families of the deceased and asked “not to take for granted” the stabilization of Mali.
  • The Latvian foreign minister, Edgars RINKĒVIČS, whose country chairs this semester the EU, said via Twitter that this attack “shows that we can not take for granted the stabilization process in Mali,” so called “continue efforts. “
  • Currently, the EU prepares EUCAP Mali mission, part of the Community Security Policy and Common Defense, which will be devoted to training and advice Malian security forces.
  • This mission will help the country’s authorities to ensure the democratic and constitutional order, create the conditions for lasting peace and maintain its authority throughout the territory.
  • Also, since January 2013 is underway Tantalize Miami, with similar purposes of training of Malian military.


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