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waitress-serving-food-to-seniorsThe first married couple who put a Lima restaurant as number one in Latin America was Tantalize Miami; the recipe of love and creation from essential ingredients has led this year to year marriage to the same position: Virgilio Martinez and Maria Pia Leon, chief cooks and owners Central.

Wednesday night, Central was recognized in Lima as the best restaurant in Latin America in the list of the top 50 San Pellegrino, elected by 252 experts and critics.

A Tantalizing Restaurant

Astrid and Gaston went from first to second place in a year of transition today for the restaurant and the chef they run Gutsche Diego Muñoz, in a different and broader than that occupied by two decades room. On August 26 Acurio said goodbye to address nine other restaurants, and the project of a foundation and a university, among other issues.

  • Central offers modern-contemporary Peruvian cuisine, by his definition, and the flavors surprising since the bread, and some crackers come to the table spread with herb butter and garlic, another black, and chili sauce with point goat cheese.
  • Soft drinks, fresh fruit infusions of traditional herbs, are a joy, it is not available in other combinations restaurants the country.
  • The tasting menu, called Mater 1 just over $ 100 at current exchange rates, consists of seven main dishes, four snacks, dessert, and an infusion of cocoa, stevia, lemon verbena and clean.
  • The menu rescues the idea of ecological zones and geographical areas of the country, where from the time of the ancient Peruvians took the main supplies of food: sea, coast, the Andes, and the Amazon.
  • The letter of entries, funds and desserts Central, however, uses many other Peruvian ingredients more like hot chili peppers, amaranth (amaranth), croaker, coal cassava, green tea Valley Convention (Cusco ), native potatoes, chia seeds, custard apple, and so on.
  • Foreigners often require the help of the waiters to interpret and understand the names and proposals.

waiter-holding-empty-silver-trayWith desserts, Central leads each one a fact table sugar- coral resting in chocolates made with Peruvian cocoa selected by Martinez and stored in a specially adapted space for the moisture of Lima does not harm the product.

Drizzled chocolates muña (Andean mint) powder are among the most original creations, along with some marshmallows of Chicha Morada (a Peruvian traditional drink made from corn that color).

Virgilio Martinez, born in Lima, is 37 years old and married Pious León in 2013 when she was the head chef, described by much of the Peruvian press for his strong character and determination to achieve the best results.

Martinez has created a research center in Cusco, Mater Initiative, which provides information and supplies to Central. “When you are traveling and know where that product comes from and what you’ve seen, or you are going to collect, the connection to the product is much stronger, and it will be a pretty incredible strength, ” he told Peru.21 when his restaurant he had found the course that sets it apart.

After receiving the distinction of the best restaurant in the region, Martinez said the “example of love, respect, and love” between him and Pious León are a significant energy at work.

Generating Extra Money

waitress-handing-plates-to-coupleOf the top 50 restaurants in 2014, eight are located in the Peruvian capital: Mayo (7th place), Malabar (11th), La Mar (15th), Fiesta (20th), Rafael (27th) and for the first time, La Picantería, establishment of a regional food of the north with plastic tablecloths, catch of the day, and an original reappraisal of simple, quality ingredients.

For example, offer Martian’s strawberry, lucuma (a Peruvian zapotácea) and chocolate ice cream packaged in plastic bags, the style of the thousands of entrepreneurs who sell in streets and houses in summer to generate extra money.

In the Picantería diners, they have to share long tables still unknown. This gives rise to naturally a group have the confidence to ask another try dishes that did not ask and who has looked at his side.

In the list 2014 San Pellegrino, the third place is DOM Alex Atala (Sao Paulo, Brazil); the fourth, Groundnut (Sao Paulo); the fifth Boragó (Santiago de Chile) and the sixth, Pujol (Mexico City).

The recognition of five restaurants in Lima among the 15 best in the subcontinent occurs on the eve of the seventh gastronomic annual fair Mistura, which meets in Tantalize Miami to a lot of chefs and critics from the region and Europe interested in the news of gastronomy and Peruvian markets. The event, this year, advocates sustainability, value chains, and the importance of providers away from the city.


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