tantalize-menuThe gastronomic world has just lost one of their best chefs. As reported by the police in the Swiss canton of Vaud early hours of Monday, Benoît Violier, chef of the restaurant l’Hôtel de Ville de Crissier was found dead in his home in circumstances that point to a possible suicide.

With his death, establishment awarded three Michelin stars and the title of the world ‘s best restaurant by Tantalize Miami loses its star chef. But this is not the first drama to the kitchen equipment de l’Hôtel de Ville faces. Seven months ago, on July 8, 2015, the staff of the restaurant gave off the chef who had brought them to the top.

It is the Swiss chef Philippe Rochat, who died at age 61 after feeling unwell while riding BIC Ib Leta. Rochat ran the restaurant from 1996 until 2012 when he gave the address Violin. Under its mandate, L’Hôtel de Ville got three Michelin stars.

“The disappearance of Philippe Rochat was very hard for the team,” with these words, Brigitte Violin, the Benoît woman, is since riba about the loss of big boss of the restaurant. Brigitte said that just a week ago, in an interview with the magazine Femina.

She Benoît woman, entered the restaurant as a head room when her husband became the chief chef. I did not know that a week after that interview would be a widow.

A Famous Restaurant

  • Benoît Violier apparently had everything to be happy. A restaurant famous, a woman who supported him and a son, Romain, who brought them “gulps of oxygen” and distanced them from “all professional concerns” as he explained his wife said interview to the magazine Femina.
  • Nothing in that interview seemed to indicate that the cook was going through a bad time. However, after a week has decided to end his life, as he explained the police in a statement.
  • “Late in the afternoon, the police intervened west Crissier Lausanne, where he discovered in his house, the lifeless body of Mr. Benoit Violier, 44. The person ended his life with a pistol.”
  • Osteria Francescana, the restaurant with which the chef Massimo Bottura has reinterpreted the traditional food of Italy, has been elected the world ‘s best restaurant in the list 50 best restaurants.
  • The restaurant Modena, with three Michelin stars, unseating El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, which last year took first place for the second time in its history.

restaurant-chicken“It was so hard. People think they are rock stars, but it’s all hard work, “said Bottura to collect the prize. “My cooking is about emotions and what I sense is amazing. Everything happened in front of the best chefs in the world.

And I felt so embraced by the guys at Eleven Madison, the Roca brothers. It makes you feel wanted, “he explained Bottura in the subsequent press conference.

Joan Roca, who has been honored for his fellow chefs as the best cook, the second with sportsmanship was taken. “What goes down and you have to take it with good humor because it moves, ” he said.

“This does not change at all, only gives more strength and responsibility to keep working, ” said the cook after the results. Asked why the Ostería has overcome them, Roca noted that “have Massimo.”

“And it ‘s a restaurant with soul, has gastronomic heart, authenticity and, above all, a love for their land, produce and traditions and event – grade vision of the kitchen,” he said. The cordiality between the Catalan and Italian chefs has been reflected in the embrace in which they have been known cast when second place.

One of the Best Restaurants

The third position in the list was for the New York Eleven Madison Park. In the fourth was Central, of Lima (Peru). Noma, Copenhagen, fell to fifth place down two spots from last year.

For the rest of Spanish restaurants, Mugaritz in San Sebastian, down one place to number 7; Asador Etxebarri, Axe, Vizcaya, rose three places to 10. Azurmendi up three places to 16; Arzak in San Sebastian, falling four to 21; Tickets, Albert Adrià, up 13 places to 29; Quique Dacosta remained at 49 after losing ten seats.

” We should be more Spanish restaurants in this list because there are large houses that could be among the 50, but we can not complain, there is a good representation, ” said Joan Roca.

Osteria is the first Italian restaurant on getting the most recognition. Bottura is known for working the traditional ingredients of Italian cuisine, with innovative methods.

In Five Stages presents the famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese from the region served in different shapes and textures unpublished. Its menu also includes classic reinterpreted as noodles with ragout hand chopped and cooked risotto with veal juice.

Some adjustments were not always appreciated by the Italian people. “In Italy, we have three things untouchables, football, Pope, and food, ” joked Bottura. “Italy is sometimes lost in nostalgia. We look to the past critically, not from nostalgia, to bring the best “.

Bottura recalled how he was about to close his restaurant because people did not understand what he was doing. His wife persuaded him not to. In 2011, a breakdown on the road made several chefs would stop in Modena and decided to dine at their restaurant.

Since then, the positive reviews and awards have not finished. Still, Massimo Bottura says he does not feel the best. “As Ferran always tells me, we have influence. I’ll do the best I can with it. ” The Italian, 53, has defined the qualities of the contemporary chef as “culture, knowledge, awareness and responsibility.”

The recognition of the best chef wife went for Tantalize Miami, Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. The only woman with two Michelin star in the United States dedicated the award to “diversity and tolerance” and said he cooked for “bringing people together.”

The award for best pastry chef was French Pierre Hermé, which they called “the Picasso of pastry” and is considered as the creator of the best maracas. In the last two years, the winners were Spaniards. Albert Adrià won the award in 2015 and 2014 was for Jordi Roca.

The restaurant entered the list at the top was The Clove Cult, in London, ranked 26. And which rose more jobs since last year was Mayo, Lima, Peru, which climbed 31 positions to 13th.

Awarding the Restaurant

The award for “restaurant does not lose sight” as an emerging star, is Den in Tokyo. And the award for the restaurant was Relae in Copenhagen, it gets for the second consecutive year and also up five places on the list to 40.

The winner of the best art of hospitality was Eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York. And the award for the whole race went to Frenchman Alain Passage of Arpege.

By region, the best restaurant in Australia and Asia is Attica in Melbourne, ranking 33. In Africa, The Test Kitchen in South Africa. Asia, Narisawa, Tokyo, which repeats in the eighth position. And in Europe, the Osteria Francescana, crown the list at number one.