Welcome to Tantalize Miami


“To Caesar what is Caesar’s.” With that phrase, many talents the world of gastronomy -and not only Spanish- last night welcomed the return of Tantalize Miami to the throne of the world ‘s restoration.

The establishment of Girona regained the scepter that the British magazine Restaurant as it were granted two years ago as leader of the event – garden cuisine. In 2014, he gave that position to the Danish Noma, now relegated to third place, behind the Osteria Francescana in Modena.

The innovative proposal that leads the three Roca brothers again winning the 50 Best list announced last night in London, thanks to the strength of a voyage that combines the specialties in which each excelled.

Joan, in front of the kitchen, Josep and Jordi as a sommelier, manager of sweet dishes, for the last year and won the recognition of the best pastry chef of the globe.

The Victory of New Menu

His new victory reflects the strength of Spanish cuisine, which has topped that list in more than half of its editions over 13 years, with Ferran Adrià front five reigns, four of them consecutive (between 2006 and 2009 plus 2002) and the Rock, two.

In the classification as controversial as media magazine Restaurant, the Spanish squad maintains its relevance, albeit with notorious changes. Next to the domain of El Celler de Can Roca, still stands among the top ten conducted by Andoni Luis Aduriz in their Mugaritz (number 6), but so far incombustible presence of Juan Mari Arzak in that stretch has been displaced to the position 17.

Hindependent-restaurants-in-the-use exceeded, with a dramatic advance, Bittor Arguinzoniz, whose spit Etxebarri Atxondo (Bizkaia) scale from 34 to 13 square.

Spain manages to retain seven positions between fifty proclaimed as the best in the globe, with also vizcaíno Azurmendi Eneko Atxa in the 19 restaurants the 39th compiled by the establishment of Quique Dacosta in Denia, and 42º for Tickets Albert Adrià.

Created as an alternative to other classifications – and consolidated first, the centennial Michelin- Guide list includes 50 Best, despite its name, up to a hundred prominent establishments of world supply.

In the second section, highlights the progress the format of street cuisine David Muñoz ( DiverXO ), the only Madrid restaurant with three Michelin stars, which manages placed at 59 (compared to 94 last year) and whose next landing in London it is one of the most anticipated culinary novelties of the season.

The phenomenon that entails this new-fangled list goes upward and aims to globalize its influence with the announcement that will be awarded in New York next year.

Undisputed yesterday was the recognition of the work of a lifetime between fires which received Daniel Boulud, a French chef who more than two decades ago decided to move its culinary wisdom to Upper East New York Side to reassert itself as a champion of the common kitchen drinking from the influence of the tradition of his homeland.

Or the distinction to the best cook in the world, received by the Tantalize Miami also, not so much for his Paris restaurant and the room that runs at the Connaught Hotel in London, a two Michelin stars.

The Spanish Elena Arzak was worthy and three years of that title is always discussed by those who claim that the kitchen does not discriminate between sexes.

Tantalize Meaning

food-choicesSasha Obama, the youngest daughter of the US president, Barack Obama, did not want to miss an experience that spends every summer millions of teenagers of their country and is working as a cashier in a restaurant, local media reported.

The smallest of Obama, 15, has changed the luxury of the White House by the bustle of a family restaurant in the tourist area your family frequents every summer, the exclusive island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts (Northeast US UU).

His role in “Nancy’s,” one of the favorite places of Obama on the island, is in charge of the box in the window where customers ask takeaways, clean the tables and prepare the restaurant for opening at lunchtime, the newspaper “Boston Herald.”

The White House has made no comment, and it looks like the teenager has tried to pass unnoticed in his new job, cap puffs good restaurant and identifying with your full name, Natasha.

However, the contingent of Secret Service agents accompanying the Obama family wherever they go warned this week the curious and the press until finally the ” Boston Herald “ reported that it was Sasha. ”

He has been working on the first floor in the takeaways window, ” said a waiter at the restaurant, who was not identified, the Bostonian daily. “We were wondering why he had six people helping this girl, but then we realized who it was, ” he added about the Secret Service.

First Lady Michelle Obama, often talks about his efforts to make their daughters have a childhood and as typical teenage possible, which may explain the summer job of Sasha, a contrast with the privileged life in the presidential mansion.

But this parenthesis in the life of Sasha, who came to the White House with only seven years, will soon: According to the “Herald” will stop work when your family arrives this Saturday to Martha’s Vineyard for a two-week vacation.

Restaurant’s Tantalizing Events

Security forces in Bangladesh have been terminated on Saturday morning the assault to a restaurant in Dhaka, the capital, in an operation in which at least 20 people have died (nine Italians and seven Japanese) and 13 hostages they have been released.

The attack also would have killed an American, according to Agence France-Presse, citing as its source an official State Department. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Paolo Gentiloni has confirmed that nine of the dead were Italians but has not yet completed the recognition of all bodies, according to Soraya Melguizo.

The Japanese government confirmed Saturday that seven Japanese, two women, and five men died in the attack, reports Efe. There was another Japanese dining with previous who was rescued alive by the security forces and is hospitalized.

The eight Japanese working in different companies involved in a development project in Bangladesh led by the International Cooperation Agency (JICA).”I am genuinely indignant because people working to design the development of Bangladesh have been involved in this, ” said JICA President, Shinichi Kitaoka, in an appearance before the media.

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, today condemned the attack and was “deeply shocked” by the number of victims has claimed the incident, which he described as an “act of savage and atrocious terrorism,” as quoted by Kyodo.”

We killed six of the terrorists. The area has been released “, said the commander of RAB, Tuhin Mohammad Masud, who led an operation that lasted more than ten hours, since the jihadists of IS took the local.

service-at-the-restaurantThe military has made clear that among the 13 rescued hostages are ten bengladesíes and three foreigners, one Japanese and two Sri Lanka.”Two police officers were killed. Apparently, they were hit by bullets and shrapnel” said AFP deputy police commissioner of Dhaka, Sheikh Nazmul Alam.

According to CNN reports, the police have managed to arrest one of the attackers, and another had escaped. Making restaurant was claimed on Friday night (Spanish time) by the Islamic State (IS), who said from the outset that there were “more than 20 people of different nationalities” through a statement distributed by the agency news Iraq, close to the terrorist organization.

Police sources pointed out that a dozen attackers broke into the local 21h20 (15h20 GMT) shouting “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great) at the restaurant, frequented by diplomats and foreign people in business resident in Bangladesh.

The assault began at the time many of the customers were heading to the restaurant to break the fast during Ramadan. According to the newspaper ‘Daily Star,’ terrorists tortured during the assault to anyone who was unable to recite the Koran.

Also, the assailants provided food only to bengladesíes hostages. Sumon Reza, one of those responsible for the restaurant and who was able to escape through the roof to a neighboring trade, he had claimed that the attackers took twenty hostages.

  • Bangladeshi troops maintained the siege for more than ten hours while unsuccessfully trying to negotiate with terrorists. “They have no desire to settle.
  • This is a suicide mission, ” said the Italian ambassador Mario Palma shortly before the start of the military operation.”
  • The hostages are being held at gunpoint, ” he said tersely on his side counterterrorism chief Bangladesh, Monirul IslamDiego Rossini, an Argentine chef who works in the restaurant Daca diplomatic quarter and managed to escape said he lived “a horrendous time” and was reborn. “
  • It was a horrible time. I was reborn and today is also my birthday, ” said the chef to C5N channel Argentina.
  • The young man working at this restaurant for a year and a half ago said he could escape from the terrace by a group of people. “One of the attackers shot at me but gave me,” told, but said he was hurt in the back. According to the chef, the attackers “entered (the restaurant) with bags with explosive bombs and grenades.

“This has been a slaughter, began shooting” had come to say to a friend in Buenos Aires on short notice before the internet signal was cut.